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An Amazing Affair

The Blue Lion Photobooth Experience


What is a Photobooth you ask? A Photobooth is the single most fun way to capture your audience at any party or event. Have one of our professional photoboothers set up a mobile studio and entertain your guests for an exiciting event with fun and spontaneous portraits.

Blue Lion Tokyo Photobooth
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Professional Studio Quality



Our team members come from a background in professional portrait and fashion photography, and they have brought the nice gear, expertise in lighting, and loads of experience with them.





Open-air booth

Unlike the enclosed spaces usually associated with Photobooths, our has an open-air design, which let's us fit into more spaces, allows larger groups, and generally is more mobile.

Studio flashes

The flashes we use are the same ones we use shooting professional portraits and headshots.  They of the highest quality, and make sure that your guests are presented in the best light.


Professional Equipment

You can call us snobby elites if you want to, all of our equipment is of the highest caliber.  We've taken care that every step of our Photobooth workflow meets the highest standards.


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Social Media Ready



Not only are the photos instantly online, they are optimized for sharing across a range of Social Media platforms.  Your event will be branded, hashtagged, and ready to go!







Instantly Available

Our system uploads the photos instantly to an online gallery and to social media.  No need to check back tomorrow, your guests can get their photo and continue to enjoy the party.



Your logo can be on every photo.  We can apply a template including the name of the event and the logo or design of your brand or any of your sponsors.


We also can add hashtags to any social media posts, to help your event reach the widest audience and get the maximum number of impressions possible.

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The places we've been

Recent Events



Interested in seeing what we've been up to?  Check out the Galleries.



The People We Know

Some of our peeps


東京で最も興味深く革新的なブランドと働いたことは、私たちは大変光栄に思います。 以下、私たちと働いた代表するブランドの一部です。

We couldn’t be more honored to have worked with some of the most interesting and innovative brands in Tokyo.  Below are just some of the brands that have trusted us to represent them.

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